zoflora on ceramic tiles and cleaning bathroom and kitchen tiles

Tiles are composed of materials that are simple to clean for a good reason and cleaning bathroom and kitchen tiles with Zoflora; they are used often throughout the day and acquire stains quite rapidly. Our tiles deal with anything from mud-covered shoes to food splatters on the kitchen backsplash every day. Fortunately, Zoflora is here to provide them with the care they require.

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The powerful 3-in-1 action formula of Zoflora works swiftly to successfully destroy 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, including the COVID-19 Virus, when diluted with water at a ratio of 1 in 40.

This ratio is recommended for usage. The powerful germ-killing abilities of Zoflora Concentrated Multipurpose Disinfectant make it the ideal tile cleaner. It also has the ability to get rid of odors and fill places with a lovely scent for up to 24 hours.

Our floors endure a lot from us. Especially when we carry outside dirt into our houses, these high-traffic areas may rapidly become filthy and attract viruses and germs. But don’t panic; cleaning a tiled floor is simpler than ever.

Simply grab your convenient Zoflora disinfection container and dilute it in water at a ratio of 1:40. Then, using the “mop it” technique, you can quickly and efficiently clean hard surfaces while diffusing your favorite scent throughout the whole space.

Bathroom tiles may appear clean to the human eye, but if you don’t use a strong anti-bacterial and anti-viral cleaner like Zoflora, they might still be coated with thousands of germs, even if you wipe them down once or twice a week.

To make sure your house is hygienically clean and fragrantly fresh, it’s especially vital to thoroughly wipe over germ hotspot areas like the toilet with diluted Zoflora.

Since we prepare all of our meals in the kitchen, it’s not surprising that kitchen tiles may quickly accumulate bacteria. Therefore, in order for these areas to be hygienically clean for you and your family, you will need to make certain that they have been meticulously cleaned.

Use one of our incredible Zoflora spray bottles to mix a capful of Zoflora with 400 ml of water to create the “spray it” approach. After spraying the kitchen tiles, use the “wipe it” method to clean them thoroughly with a towel. For efficient disinfection, allow at least five minutes of contact time.

Let’s discover how to clean tiles with Zoflora now that you are aware of the places that require your attention. Using one of more than 25 distinct scents, you can efficiently disinfect porcelain or ceramic tiles, leaving your house hygienically clean and fragrantly fresh in no time.

What you’ll need for cleaning your tiled floors and walls

Microfiber fabric

can of trigger spray

leather gloves

Carpet cleaner

Cleansing brush

How to use Zoflora to clean tile floors

Step 1:

Clean up the mess

Clean your floors thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner before mopping them. This involves getting rid of all the loose dirt and debris that has accumulated in the crevices and between your tiles.

As a consequence, mopping will be more efficient and will stop any built-up filth from spreading further over the floor. To keep the house looking clean, we advise frequently clearing debris.

Step 2:

Get the mop bucket ready.

For each 400ml of water in your bucket, add 1 capful of Zoflora neat. It’s advisable to always use rubber gloves at this step since neat Zoflora might irritate the skin due to its potent germ-killing ingredients.

Step 3:

Use diluted Zoflora to mop the floor.

When using Zoflora as a tile floor cleaner, start by cleaning the tiled floor to disinfect it. This will infuse the space with a lovely scent for up to 24 hours and destroy 99.9% of viruses and germs, including the COVID-19 virus and the flu.

A chamois or cloth should be used for this, not a sponge mop, since the latter might drive dirt further into the grouting. To avoid stepping on your freshly cleaned floor while using Zoflora as a tiled floor cleaner, we advise beginning from the farthest point towards the rear of the room and mopping toward the entrance.

Step 4.
Allow it to dry.

Give your damp flooring some time to dry and for Zoflora to do its magic with the germs. Be sure that any dogs that are present are kept a safe distance away from the floor when it is being cleaned. Your animal companions can return once it has dried fully. But watch out for muddy paw prints, or you’ll have to mop it all over again!

Cleaning bathroom and kitchen tiles

When it comes to cleaning tiles in the bathroom and in the kitchen with Zoflora, there are a few steps you need to follow. So, read on to learn more.


Dilute Zoflora in a trigger spray bottle in step one.

First, dilute Zoflora with water in a trigger spray bottle at a 1:40 ratio. By doing this, a potent disinfection solution that may be used all over the house is produced.

Your house will smell scrumptiously fresh all day thanks to diluted Zoflora, which keeps its germ-killing effectiveness for up to two weeks and has scents that are meant to stay for 24 hours after cleaning.

When cleaning your tiles, keep in mind that you should never spray directly onto electrical appliances, so be sure to move the kettle, microwave, or toothbrush charger out of the way.

Step 2:

Begin by grouting.

The grouting should never be overlooked when considering how to clean bathroom tiles. A scrub brush works well for this, but you can also get specific brushes for cleaning grout. Wearing rubber gloves, spray the grout with the diluted Zoflora and clean away any debris.

This enhances the overall look of the tiles while removing minute indications of mold. After removing any additional filth that was pushed loose, wipe the tiles themselves. We suggest a specialized solution for mold that is difficult to remove.

Step 3: Apply the diluted Zoflora solution by misting the tiles.

Spray the diluted Zoflora solution directly over the tiles in the kitchen or bathroom. Then, clean everything with a microfiber cloth. This gives the tiles a bright appearance while cleaning them of bacteria.

Cleaning bathroom and kitchen tiles

Remember to always wear the rubber gloves so that your hands are as secure and safe as your house.

Since 1922, we have been effectively destroying germs, and not much has changed. Even though homes may be larger and cleaning equipment may be more sophisticated, Zoflora can handle any job.

To ensure that your houses are hygienically clean and delightfully scented, our revolutionary creator, Nathan Thornton, utilized his specialized expertise to produce Zoflora, a potent disinfectant with double the germ-killing power of carbolic acid.

Given that you only need one bottle of Zoflora to clean the tiles throughout the house, its versatility and multi-room performance make it the ideal tile cleanser. This anti-germ solution will leave your entire house spotless, including the floors, kitchen, and bathrooms.


What sets Zoflora apart? It has a lovely scent and is a disinfectant. It will leave your house not only hygienically clean but also fragrantly fresh, with enticing fragrances lasting up to 24 hours. It is made with skillfully formulated fragrance oils made with authentic ingredients.

a powerful cleaner for ceramic tile and floors

So why are you still waiting? Take on those difficult tiles and tiled floors right away by selecting the Zoflora aroma that suits you. In addition to destroying germs effectively, Zoflora may be used to clean grout and wash floors.

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