Unusual Kitchen Backsplash Ideas Ways to Add Decors Flair

Today, in this article, we are going to talk about unusual backsplash and we talk about kitchen tile ideas.

In the following, we will tell you about ways to have a unique kitchen. We will give details about some point to add flair decors.

Kitchen backsplash ideas get a bit overlooked. Energy is spent on ensuring proper storage, choosing the color of kitchen cabinets, or choosing between natural and composite stone for a countertop.

But backsplashes can cover a large section of a wall, make a dramatic statement, and even be the first thing people notice…if you do it right or is it wrong.

So instead of finishing off your kitchen ideas, make a big design statement with deep veining or rustic or metallic tiles.

There’s a lot to consider – a backsplash needs to be functional, waterproof and often heat resistant if placed behind the stove – but a little thought can go a long way.

“Be careful when choosing materials to spray on the back of the stove” if it is too close, the flame and direct heat can affect it.

Place the bench deeper than usual to create more space behind the stove; the best is around 650-700 mm.

Like the surface behind your sink and stove, a backsplash helps protect walls from water and grease.

And while it’s often one of the last pieces to be installed, it’s a good idea to decide on style at the same time you’re choosing ideas for kitchen cabinets and countertop finishes.

“It’s also important to consider the size of the room,” says decorative glass designer Emma Britton. “In a large room, you need something that works from far away and up close,” she adds.

Kitchen backsplash ideas

Be decorative

Yes, it’s a functional room, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add some beauty to it. Delft beauty, like the tiles above, softens the inevitable hard corners of tables and cupboards.

The shapes and colors you choose can make a world of difference in turning a room into a place of relaxation and relaxation, which itself is a big fan of kitchen tile decorating ideas.

In collaboration with the Balineum bathroom brand, which also works in kitchens.

For something a little more graphic, they’re timeless classics.

Use tonal variation

“Without a doubt, the star of the show in this kitchen is the backsplash,” says Ben Huxwell of Roundhouse Design. “At the beginning of the project, the owners knew they wanted an eye-catching stone feature and chose striking Calacatta marble from a quarry in Italy.

The base stone is a very pure white, similar to the countertop, with marble veining that “complements the color tones Cabinet soft gray.

We worked with a specialist marble fabricator to achieve a stunning four-piece pattern that blends perfectly on the wall.”

He adds that the subtle nuances of tone are what make this kitchen look fresh.

“Tonal variety is key,” says Ben. An all white color looks simple and soft, but having a matte lacquer on the cabinets and a varnish on the back adds a real layer of interest.

Examine the statement tile

The mosaic tiles Heidi Collier used for her backsplash ideas here have many shades of beige, all the way to a patch of blue above the sink, like a sky bursting through the clouds.

It’s an innovative approach, like creating a patchwork quilt but with mosaic tiles, and it’s special and unique to you and can help brighten up your kitchen color ideas.

Put the tiles on the roof

Who said the backsplash has to be solid? If you’ve found a tile you love enough to live with, why not take it to the extreme?

This look is a compromise, but it really plays up the height of a room, emphasizing the use of space and keeping your eye from seeing little lines on the wall.

Here, because the Zillige tiles are handcrafted and naturally shaped, they have a roughness that is very alluring, creating texture and shadow as you move up the wall.

Should a backsplash be the same color as the countertop?

One of the easiest kitchen backsplash ideas is to create an extension of your counter by using the same color and material for both.

This look creates a seamless design and the same rigid materials as the chosen worktop make it a very practical option for busy kitchens too.

Granite, quartz, or standard countertops like Corian work well.

What can I put on my kitchen wall instead of tiles?

Instead of tile, you can try a natural stone like marble or granite for your backsplash.

When combined with your table, it creates a sophisticated and uniform effect. If you want a more rustic look, wood is a good material for kitchen walls – it’s more durable and healthier than many people think.

What are the best colors for the backsplash?

It’s possible that you don’t want to commit to a lot of different colors or patterns in your kitchen, but the backsplash may be a fun place to play around with different looks.

Take a look at the colors and materials that are used in other elements of the room, like as the faucet or the dishes, and see if you can use them in the backsplash as well.

This will help to ensure that the design flows smoothly.

Can a backsplash make my kitchen look bigger?

Mirrored surfaces help reflect light around the room and make the space feel larger, which can be particularly useful in a small kitchen; considering a white kitchen in a small space is another good trick.

If you want to make sure your mirrored backsplash matches your kitchen, choose a color finish that complements your counters and cabinets.

Is rice good for a backsplash?

Metals have become a popular choice in kitchen design and they are not going away any time soon.

While an unusual idea for a kitchen backsplash, pure brass and copper surfaces have antimicrobial properties that make them a great choice for kitchens.

However, keep in mind that they are like flooring and require polishing and will develop a natural patina over time.

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