shiny polished porcelain tile bathroom for wall and floor

Polished porcelain tile is often overlooked by homeowners in the area around the fire, despite its use.

For this reason, glossy tiles are a great choice for bathroom walls and floors, closets, and small areas within larger rooms.

The simplicity of removing soot and fireplace dust from a sparkling surface is one of the best cleaning secrets to reducing cleaning time.

In addition, adding glossy tiles with marble patterns or burnished effects may make your fireplace authentic and unique.

Glossy tiles have the advantage of making small areas appear larger. Glossy and reflective tiles allow light to shine through the room.

They enlarge confined spaces and trick the eye into thinking that smaller rooms are actually larger than they are.

Make dimly lit areas brighter.
For similar reasons, glossy tiles, especially white tiles, may make a space appear lighter and brighter. Glossy tiles are the best choice to brighten up dark rooms.

Simple to maintain
Glossy surfaces are slippery and hence very easy to clean. Therefore, glossy tiles are ideal for kitchen walls and bathroom walls. Take a look at the beautiful marble texture tile in this stylish bathroom with a glossy finish.

The downside of glossy tiles is that they highlight imperfections.
The glossiness of the surface determines how easily dirt can be detected. When something is shiny, smudges such as fingerprints, footprints, soap marks, and wet spots appear.

Therefore, glossy surfaces require more frequent cleaning than plain surfaces.

If you want them to look as bright as possible, you need to avoid leaving traces of stains. On a positive note, cleaning simply requires a quick wipe.

The shine is smooth.
In general, a smooth, shiny surface is more slippery than a matte surface, especially when wet. Therefore, depending on the situation, it may not be a good idea to use glossy tiles for floors, especially in high-traffic areas such as entrances, bathrooms or wet rooms.

Light reflective properties
Others hate the shiny, shiny look, and some places aren’t ideal for glossy surfaces.

For example, if you intend to create a calm and quiet atmosphere in your study, gloss is completely wrong. In such an environment, the bright glow effect will be distracting and unattractive.

Choosing the best flooring options is an important step in creating the atmosphere of a room.

With the plethora of tile designs, types, and patterns available in today’s flooring market, finding the perfect tile for your space can be challenging.

Among the different textures and finishes, architects, interior designers, and home owners mostly use glossy and matte tiles.

Read on to see how these two payments differ from each other and their respective qualities.

Despite using the same raw materials and through the same production process, glossy and matte floor tiles have different degrees of smoothness and shine.


The main contrast between glossy and matte finishes is the presence of a glossy, durable, glazed liquid glass layer that creates a shine that lasts for a long time. This gloss gives the tile pattern a reflective sheen and accentuates colors and textures, resulting in a gorgeous look.

Features Expand the size and brightness of any space
Glossy and glossy tiles create a beautiful, mirror-like shine. Their reflective surface diffuses light throughout the space, making it appear larger and brighter.

Glossy floor tiles are a great option for areas with little natural light and for smaller rooms.

Easy maintenance and cleaning
Due to their smooth surface, the tiles can be cleaned with a single pass of a wet mop.

Achieve a simple look
Glossy floor tiles may add beauty to any decor. For spaces with a larger footprint, such as living rooms and bedrooms, glazed glass tiles that look like marble are ideal flooring materials.

These tiles may mimic the look of real marble while requiring minimal maintenance.

Ideal dimensions for a backsplash
Glossy tiles are a great option for splashing the back and walls in the kitchen and bathroom due to their resistance to stains and scratches.

These tiles are also available in different colors, designs and styles.

Glossy tiles can make even the smallest areas appear larger. The results are equivalent to adding a mirror to a room.

The reflection of light makes the space seem more open and spacious than it is, and it also makes the area bigger.

Because bathrooms, “box rooms” and hallways are typically small and narrow, glossy tiles are a great design choice for these areas. Glossy tiles are the best option to make the room look brighter and brighter.

By projecting light back and forth across the room, glossy tiles enable rooms with limited natural light to make the most of it. A great option for small basement bathrooms.

Sometimes, when we combine tiles, they have the same style but different colors or shapes.

However, the latest styles introduce a completely new concept: combining matte and glossy tiles of the same color! The combination of these two patterns creates a unique pattern that is light and elegant.

The combination of smooth and textured pieces creates a space that is both attractive and tactile. This area may look especially attractive in the bathroom.

While glossy wall tiles effectively expand and brighten this functional space, matte floor tiles prevent slippage.

Even though the color and shape of the tiles are similar to the image below, the glossy surface reflects light to create a pattern in addition to the matte texture. Both tile finishes have advantages and disadvantages, so the choice is entirely yours.

It depends on the concept you are trying to achieve as well as the size, texture, color and lighting of the room. Alternatively, you can combine these two types of tiles to create a composite effect.

It all ultimately boils down to individual decisions. Matte or glossy finishes may be combined in any area without the use of tiles.

Combining concrete-look countertops with glossy backsplashes in a bathroom or kitchen is one way to incorporate this latest trend into your home (or vice versa).

Smooth and shiny surfaces are very easy to maintain and clean. All they need to shine is a short cleaning.

This is one of the many reasons why glossy tiles are a popular choice for busy areas such as shower walls and kitchen splashbacks.

For example, you can choose tiles with a matte surface for the bathroom and kitchen, and tiles with a glossy finish for the living room and bedroom. The choice ultimately depends on your preferences.

With a beautiful collection of floor and wall tiles that are available in a variety of finishes including glossy, matte, matte wood punch, glossy, etc., you can completely transform your flooring. Glossy, matte or a combination of the two? Visit our website for inspiration.

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