Kitchen Floor Tiles with White Cabinets that Match Perfectly

In this article, we are going to talk about kitchen floor and in the continuation of that we provide information about white cabinets with tiles. After that, we give information about tiles that match perfectly with white cabinets.

White tiled floors will never go out of style because of the sense of freshness and serenity.

When you choose a white tile for your kitchen floor, it can give the room an airy, open feel, and because white is a neutral color, it goes with almost any cabinet color. If you want to have a beautiful modern kitchen decor, you must first decide whether you want your cabinet color to be bold or pale. And what color is the white tile in the kitchen?

Gray, off-white and black cabinets are generally preferred because they look clean and modern next to the white tiled floor. But there are other bold colors that look just as beautiful and trendy, like pastel blues and greens.

To find out how the above cabinet colors look when paired with a white tile floor, in this Decorine magazine article, we share real examples and images of matching white tile floors with other cabinet colors.

Best Cabinet Color to Go With White Tile Floor

Birch wood cabinet

The mid-tone birch for cabinets blends wonderfully with the white tile floor. This creates a light and bright look in a traditional style kitchen, but also prevents your kitchen from looking dated. Birch is a medium-density hardwood known for its remarkable strength and resistance to dents or scratches.

In this example, the beautiful brown birch cabinets blend perfectly with the white tile floor. This cabinet color is in harmony with the neutral floor and as a result makes the kitchen brighter and more comfortable.

Cabinet with white color

The reason we don’t recommend white is to avoid monochromatic designs. To break up the monotony, how about a set of cabinets in off-white as a classic color with a white tile floor?

This idea works in both modern and traditional kitchens. The neutral combination means you can add any other color to the mix to make your kitchen look super stylish.

Here, the tan backsplash pairs nicely with the off-white cabinets and white tile floor. This modern kitchen design works in both small and large spaces thanks to its light neutral color scheme.

Dark green cabinet

In recent years, dark green has become one of the most popular colors for kitchen cabinets. Because green has an earthy color that comes from complexity. Whether you choose sage, mint, dark forest or midnight green, there’s a shade for everyone.

For example, in this modern kitchen design, the dark green cabinets give an elegant look to the white tiled floor and match the color. Stainless steel appliances add to the sleek feel of this kitchen, and the white tile floor gives the space a new look.

Light gray or dark gray cabinet

Gray is a favorite of most kitchen cabinet buyers thanks to its modern and versatile look. The neutrality of this color has made it more popular.

Light gray cabinets give your kitchen a warm feel, while dark grays add charm. When you combine these two color spectrums with the white tile floor, you can bring a beautiful contrast to your kitchen design. As you can see in this example, the warm gray shade goes perfectly with the white tile floor.

Dark gray walls with a matching island perfectly complement the light and dark gray cabinets and white floor.

Beige gray or brown gray cabinet

If using gray for cabinets seems a little cold, but you still want a similar color to your white tile floor, how about a beige or beige? These colors are neutral but visually more interesting than plain gray.

Beige gray is a combination of gray and beige with a warmer tone. Brown gray also consists of brown and dark gray, which can create a warm and elegant atmosphere in your kitchen with white tile floors.

If you can’t decide between these quantities, use both based on this example. The combination of light and dark elements in this kitchen has given the space a lot of depth and the white tiled floor is the focal point.

Mustard yellow cabinet

When mustard yellow cabinets are paired with a white tile floor, the cheerful yellow hue creates a warm feel.

If you want to give your kitchen a dynamic and fun vibe, choose mustard yellow cabinets. When combined with a white tiled floor, the cheerful yellow hue creates a warm feeling.

This sunny shade is Ideal for both farmhouse style and kitchens. modern homes as it greets visitors with a pleasant morning glow. The timeless cabinet color works especially well in bright, airy kitchens with white tile floors.

As a warm, bold and bright color, yellow can be used throughout the kitchen, including the table and island. You can also use a neutral background color like white to accent the yellow cabinets. This energetic color is the perfect focal point in the space we use the most.

For those who are not bold enough to use the bold spectrum of yellow for the cabinet, we recommend mustard yellow as a softer, less bright color. This color will still make your kitchen look modern with a white tile floor, but it’s not as bold or overpowering as lemon yellow.

Blue cabinet

The combination of blue cabinets with white tiles makes the kitchen look bigger.

As a classic color that conveys a sense of relaxation, blue is a favorite for the bedroom. However, have you ever considered using this color for your kitchen furniture? From baby blue and pale blue to navy blue and sky blue, there is always a variety to meet your expectations.

A soft blue color for the cabinets will help make a kitchen with white tiles appear larger. Therefore, this color combination is ideal for small or narrow kitchens. It is also a very good choice for kitchens that do not have enough natural light.

On the other hand, dark blue is the best idea for larger kitchens.

But if you want to have a warm and pleasant atmosphere in your kitchen, it is better to avoid the cold blue tone, in general, the darker the blue, the less cold the kitchen will be. As here, the dark blue cabinets along with the bright white tile floor make this space look nice.

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