kitchen floor tiles beige is good or other colors

Choosing between a few different flooring tiles alternatives like beige or black colors for your kitchen floor and looking for some other ideas that are good to spark your creativity? Flooring in functional areas like kitchens and bathrooms has to be low-maintenance and easy to clean, in addition to having a nice appearance.

In addition, because the floor in your kitchen is susceptible to damage from dropped items and accidental spills, the colors and patterns of the tiles you select should make it easy to see any mess.

A tall order? Not even close! We have compiled a list of some suggestions to assist you in selecting the most suitable tile color choices for the floor of your kitchen.

White with Clouds

If you have a small kitchen, your best option is to select tiles in lighter, more neutral colors. They make the room look larger, lighter, and brighter, and they also fit in seamlessly with any color scheme you choose for the walls and cabinets. If you find that you can’t stand the color white, you might like hazy white, sand, or beige instead.

Yellowing with age

There is nothing that is compared to the warmth and happiness that golden yellow exudes, and when contrasted with sharp black, this color creates an undeniably captivating combination. This striking black kitchen features mellow tones added by square tiles in a mishmash of shades of yellow. These tiles are used on both the floors and the backsplash.

Patterns with a Sense of Fun

Plain tiles, let’s face it, are certain to get monotonous once some time has passed. Are you looking for a quick solution? Make a statement by replacing your plain floor with these graphic floor tiles featuring a blue and white patterned design. You might give the cabinets a calming blue paint job for an entirely different appearance.

The colors beige and brown

The floor tiles in this kitchen have a checkerboard pattern in brown and beige, which combines nicely with the rustic, old-fashioned aesthetic. The backsplash is made out of smaller squares of the same colors, creating a wonderful contrast against the cream cabinetry and neatly tying together the color scheme.

Wooden Tiles

You really like the appearance of wood, but you’re not sure if installing a hardwood floor in your kitchen would be a good idea. By installing these vitrified tiles that have the appearance of wood, you may achieve the inviting aesthetics of hardwood flooring while benefiting from the durability and ease of care of a tiled floor.

The colors Black and White

Combinations of black and white are ageless, classic, and they always manage to create an impression. The square white tiles in this transitional kitchen are given an eye-catching upgrade by the addition of little black diamonds in each corner.

Earthen Terracotta

Terracotta tiles have a beautiful sun-kissed orange-brown color that is both earthy and endearing, and this color goes surprisingly well with just about every other color in the rainbow. The natural beauty of this room’s flooring is highlighted by the contrast between the dark cabinetry and the gray walls.

The most stunning gray

Gray is no longer thought of as an uninteresting and uninteresting color; rather, it is now seen as the ideal neutral that works well with both subtle pastels and strong, colorful colors. Gray tiles are an excellent option for the floor of your kitchen since they are simple to clean and reveal less dust and filth than other colors while at the same time providing excellent visibility for liquid spills.

Vibrant Patterns

Have you had enough of those boring, basic tiles? These colorful Moroccan tiles in varying tones of brown and blue will give your kitchen floors an instant upgrade and a dash of flair. Make your kitchen the buzz of the town by repeating the patterns in the backsplash in your space.

Shiny Black Gloss

This contemporary kitchen features peppy green walls and cabinets, all of which give brightness and punch to the space; however, the shiny black floors really steal the show! Cabinets finished in matte black provide the impression of continuity by blending in perfectly with the ground. Take note of the textured flooring rather than the glossy flooring, which is always preferable in a location that is prone to accidents involving moisture and spills.

Pistachio, the Coolest

Pistachio is used throughout this modern kitchen, from the floors to the chairs and even the backsplash, which creates a striking and harmonious aesthetic. The warm golden wood finishes in the cabinets, wall paneling, and tabletop provide an absolutely stunning contrast to the green color scheme.

Trending Terrazzo

Terrazzo, which was a prevalent flooring fad in the 1980s, is currently enjoying a comeback and is being praised for the eco-friendly qualities it possesses. This speckled floor finish looks excellent not just on floors but also on walls and counters, and it can be customized and cast in place for a seamless appearance that is very stunning.

Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Floor Tile Colors

Always make sure that the tiles on your floor fit in with the color palette that you have chosen for the entire space; this includes the tiles on the walls as well as the cabinets and countertops.

For instance, if you are going to have blue patterned tiles on the backsplash, you might choose plain blue or white tiles for the floor and then border them with blue tiles that have the same pattern.

If you want attention to be drawn to your flooring, go with floors that have bold colors or patterns on them. Tiles that are neutral and plain will blend in and focus attention on your cabinets or wall tiles, letting them to take center stage. This is because they will blend in with their surroundings.

Choose tiles with a glossy surface and light pastel colors if your kitchen is on the more compact side. The use of reflecting surfaces and lighter colors in a room might give the impression that there is more room than there actually is.

Keep in mind at all times that the floor of the kitchen is susceptible to liquid spills and ought not to be readily stained.

Spills on a floor that is already slippery can be hazardous, especially if the surface of the tile has been highly polished. Choose paint colors that will make any liquid more apparent, allowing you to clean it up as soon as it happens. For instance, water is more easily seen on darker tiles that have rough surfaces.


These kitchen design trends will inspire you in some way, especially with regard to interior design. Because they are so adaptable, kitchen tiles provide you the opportunity to design your cooking space completely one-of-a-kind.

Don’t just settle for a boring kitchen that looks like everyone else’s; use your imagination to make it stand out! Both the possibilities and your imagination can go as far as they want to. You may go through our range of kitchen tiles on our website, where you can also sort them according to color, material, finishing, and size.

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