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Despite the mesoscopic look of hexagonal tile, pattern, size, color and other factors can make it more attractive. Suitable for both walls and floors, these six-sided tiles have practical features that make them very flexible, meaning they can be easily integrated in any interior, creating functional and decorative solutions:

Flexibility: Hexagonal tiles with natural gravity certainly have a great influence on the overall style of each interior space. These multifunction finishing tiles offer timeless finishing, which is beautifully paired with elegant and bold inlets, making them increasingly popular.

Durability: Made of hard ceramic, this unique set offers good durability, it is ideal for heavy environments

Stain resistant: Resistant to stains and dirt, you can be sure these powerful tiles are able to solve the spraying challenges and leakage associated with everyday use in kitchens and bathrooms.

Longevity: As the color enters the body, these hexagonal tiles are resistant in color, which allows them to look best all year round, ensures your home remains in the process without trouble.

Hygiene: Perceline level does not easily maintain antigen or allergen and resist absorption of perfume, smoke and steam. As a result, this hexagonal tile set is very hygienic and offers a single floor or ideal solution for the bathroom sanitary environment and kitchen.

Below our full color selection:

  • Black: Offers a powerful aesthetic in glossy and matte finish, browse our black hexagonal tiles for a fully industrial effect
  • White: From pure white, clean to elegant or embossed detail, our collection of white hexagonal tiles can be used as the base color within minimalist interior, or as the base for color contrast in a more clear approach.
  • Gray: As these tiles prove, gray doesn’t mean slow. In choosing the shades of color for making classic and aesthetic stones or adventurous geometric styles in a variety of designs and colors, there is a gray honeycomb tile for each interior collection.
  • Green: From soft relief sounds to glossy turquoise, green hexagonal tiles are suitable to create non-tension space in the bathroom, kitchen and more.
  • Beige: Available in Beige, Cream and Sand, Choosing Beige Hexagonal Tiles for a Totally Scandinavian Interior.
  • Pink: Add a soft and delicate touch to your interior with pink honeycomb tiles. Use pink and pure to create a safe and warm space inside you.
  • Blue: Peace is the name of the game for our Hex Blue Tiles. Choose from the relaxing shades of ocean, navy, indigo and more.
  • Orange: give character to boring interior with our orange hexagonal tiles. Create a warm and pleasant atmosphere in whatever space you want to feel at home.
  • yellow: for bright and bold innermost, fear not to embrace yellow. Use it in places where you want to induce energy, consciousness, and pleasure.

If not all color options are sufficient, our hexagonal tile set also offers a wide range of design options. Therefore, with any approach that you style, you are sure to find the right style to complete your interfaces in our Multipurpose Tiles collection of hexagonal tiles.

  • VICTORIA: From the captivating patterns of Cantor’s shadow set to the elegant monochrome of the Apollo hexagonal set, we have a set of hexagonal and wall tiles inspired from the past of Victoria. Ideal for traditional and periodic kitchens and bathrooms, basically English style with ease
  • Patchwork: Full focal feature, patchwork decoor hexagonal tiles are your final home. While the luxury designs and bold colors of each person’s tea cup are not the same, modules’ collections, good vibes and a good hexagonal calidoscope are guaranteed to bring fresh energy into each room.
  • Mosaic: A main component of kitchen and bathroom, mosaic is a classic style of hexagonal tile. Mimicking the traditional designs of the century, our collection of small hexagonal mosaic tiles offers a clean and simple aesthetic that never comes out of style.
  • Geometry: Make a stylish and fashionable finish to your interior with many hexagonal floor tiles with geometric patterns. Browse from constant colors to beautiful patterns, tile sets like Andaman and Napolitan
  • Marble Effect: For the final luxury finish for the floor, the marble effect hexagonal tiles may be the answer. With a variety of stock options, including hexagonal marble mosaic, there are endless ways to use them around the house.
    From stylish to beautiful and strange, hexagonal floor and wall tile we have something for everyone – including all kinds of size options.

That means that whether you’re looking for the practicality or the flexibility of aesthetics, we have a six-fold tile for that. From small hexagonal tiles for back kitchens to large hexagonal floor tiles for bathroom, our hexagonal tiles are available in different sizes:

  • 3 cm x 2.3 cm
  • 1 cm x 5.9 cm
  • ۵cm x ۹.۵cm
  • 6cm x 10 cm
  • 2cm x 18.5cm
  • 5 cm × 15 cm
  • 8cm x 19.8 cm
  • 23 cm × 27 cm
  • 8 cm × 29 cm
  • 33 cm x 28.5 cm

Hexagonal tiles are active and stylish and feel at home in a room where there are many daily activities, whether it’s regular feet in the hallway or the waters in the bathroom.

It is a changeability that makes hexagonal tiles suitable for a range of internal applications in different internal styles. Kitchen: Right in the middle of a busy kitchen, hexagonal floor tiles can provide just the correct measurement of the tool and style for this functional room.

In a wide range of eye-catching designs, hexagonal kitchen tiles give a new life to the tired kitchen designs, giving them a new and fresh finish. Elsewhere in the kitchen, hexagonal tiles are a popular alternative to traditional Backsplash solutions, helping to bring a unique touch into the main.

With a wide range of hexagonal mosaic wall tiles, you are sure to find a Splash Back layout for both contemporary and traditional styles.

Bathroom: Hexagonal bathroom tiles are suitable for introducing the texture to these centralized health spaces. For hexagonal bathroom floor tile, you can choose big or small.

Small hexagonal tiles are excellent for measuring large baths, while large sizes make small bathrooms well open. Likewise, hexagonal bathroom tiles can create interesting features for shower walls, around sinks and so on – add a touch to this functional space.

Living Room: For those looking to add an extra surprise to their living space, never underestimate the power of the feature wall. Convert a mixed wall into a large and beautiful focal point with a strange hexagonal tile pattern.

Walkway: As the gateway to the rest of the house, the corridors use solid material on the floor and wall – preventing signs of conflict, footprints and so on.

This is where hexagonal walls and floor tiles can help. With no elegance or low maintenance, these tiles give a delicate, intricate corridor of beauty that makes it look great for years.

To help you master the appearance of hexagonal floor and wall tiles, we put some installation points together:

  1. Get the large hexagonal tiles correctly: if you want to create the honeycomb effect on your floor, large hexagonal tiles of our hexagonal Apollon Collection are suitable to add the original touch to a classic Mediterranean villa view.
  2. Add interest with small hexagonal tiles: If your style is more complicated, consider with the composition of small hexagonal tiles with white beads for your bathroom floor. The final result is clean and fresh, but never boring.
  3. Fans of Integrated Design: Hexagonal Wall Tiles is a delicate and unconventional option for anyone looking for their home design spice. To highlight them, combine these sets with other geometric elements such as furniture, accessories and interior appliances.
  4. A style statement: If you want your interior really embossed, use hexagonal wall tiles, like the ones in our colorful and glossy Vezlay collection, to make a statement wall in the room more or less. Alternatively, hexagonal tiles can naturally combine the rest of your home decor.
  5. Harness the power of patterns: For a unique internal approach, use hexagonal tiles as parts of your statement, with opposite patterns to create specific fields of interest or accent. You can also bring linear decor and furniture into your space to increase the geometric charm of these unique tiles.
  6. Hiring a professional Taylor: Due to the unique geometry of these tiles, placement can be difficult. To make sure the maximum use of these tiles, we recommend using a registered businessman. Finally, appropriate installation is the key to achieving the benefits of these stylish and functional tiles.

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