Glossy ceramic tiles 300×300 price for bar area floor

If you are looking for perfect tiles for the bar area floor, we suggest using 300×300 glossy ceramic tiles.

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the price of these tiles is more reasonable compared to other types. The hospitality industry is extremely competitive and the business failure rate is much higher than in other industries.

Thus, the owners and managers of bars, pubs, and restaurants have invested in the aesthetics and atmosphere of their businesses, fundamental elements of the success of the place. Maintaining the ideal look of your bar or bar is also a primary concern and we take this into account with every consultation, recommendation, and installation they undertake.

Not only do bars and pubs need attractive spaces, but floors need to be able to withstand anything a customer can throw at it – sometimes literally! Leaks, high foot traffic, regular cleaning, stilettos, and moving furniture are all things that happen daily in the industry, so floors in bars and pubs need to be very strong and durable.

Choosing the most appropriate flooring solution for your pub or bar is vital to your bottom line, not only because an attractive space can have a positive impact, but it also reduces maintenance costs and ensures that the floors do not need to be replaced regularly, wear and tear.

The experts on our website have been helping bar and pub owners develop their design vision for almost 3 years.

With their expertise, creativity, and industry-leading library of flooring solutions, we can help you create the ultimate flooring in hospitality spaces. There are many options to choose from when considering what type of flooring to use in bars and bar fronts.

Key considerations for the front floor of a home include: being able to withstand high foot traffic, being resistant to moisture, and abrasion, and remaining consistent with the aesthetics of the location.

It is important to choose a flooring solution that can withstand regular cleaning without the need for professional or intensive cleaning methods – and that is resistant to scratches and dents from shoes and frequent movement of furniture such as stools, chairs, and tables.

Sounds like a daunting task, right? It’s not necessary! Flooring technology has improved a lot in recent years and manufacturing processes have advanced incredibly resulting in products that can handle everything from a football boy drinking a pint or five after practice to a flock of hens. Each area of ​​your bar or bar is unique, so the flooring solution should take this into account.

The first important condition that a commercial floor must meet is that it must be non-slip. Otherwise, the floor will be more accident-prone and you will face more lawsuits.

Residential floors are not required to meet such standards, but it is recommended that they also be non-slip to reduce accidents.

The second consideration should be flammability. If your floor is flammable, like carpet, your dining room can be a dangerous place. Therefore, it is important to avoid such soils. Sustainability is another important issue for restaurateurs.

If your floor is not durable it may not be able to withstand heavy traffic during peak hours and may crack/craze. It will only cost you more to repair. Residential floors do not see much traffic, so durability is not an equally important criterion.

For example, tiles have durability and longevity, do not require much maintenance, and the choice of styles and colors is huge. Remember that tiles are prone to cracking if anything substantial falls on them. But when it comes to cleaning, a simple sweep and mop can keep it looking like new, and it’s okay to get wet once in a while.

Travertine is also a good choice. Eco-friendly and natural, it has the power of natural stone, but also comes in pleasant pastel hues that complement any decor.

On our website, we can help you make the right choice. Our designers are available to advise you and come to your door, you don’t even have to go to the store. In many cases, once your floor is in stock, we install it the next day.

Tiles for bar area

Tiles are the best coverage for a high-traffic place such as a bar area. Floors and carpets in the entrance area are often an afterthought when designing a flooring solution for your bar or pub.

The entrance is paramount because it is the first impression you can make on your customers. With the custom mat option, you can instantly demonstrate your venue’s identity, while preventing guests from tracking outdoor dirt and debris to your bar or main bar area.

By partnering with some of the leading brands. the flooring specialists on our website have access to a wide variety of commercial flooring options to suit different traffic pedestrians, brands, specialist applications, and design needs.

For larger entrances and hallways, our protective carpet tiles are an excellent choice for protecting entrances while maintaining an attractive aesthetic. Our protect carpet tiles are durable entry barrier carpet tiles that help protect floors from outdoor dirt and moisture.

The tiles are 500mm square tiles made from 10mm thick wool and nylon cut pile tiles with scraper fibers with attractive and subtle color variations. These functional carpet tiles are available in 4 stylish and functional colors: Anthracite, Grey, Beige, and Dark Blue.

Another option could be our Burmatex grimebuster 50, a tough contact fiber carpet tile entrance solution with an epic 12mm thickness and deep diagonally ribbed surface designed to shed dirt and grime from incoming customers, while remaining easy to clean and durable.

This matte entryway tile is designed to withstand heavy footsteps while looking stylish in 5 earth tones. The pub is the heart of any pub, club, or bar, so it is one of the most visited places.

We have all been to a bar where the floor around the bar is so worn out than the rest of the bar that you can almost make out where the locals are supporting the bar.

Creating an area around the bar not only allows you to ensure that the floor here is very strong, but it also represents the area where people have to wait for service and separates the bar from the general area – meaning you are less likely to have people like someone else trying to socialize in a service way.

Since it may be a smaller part of the floor compared to other areas, it is worth investing in a more expensive floor, such as luxury vinyl in plank or tile form, which has stronger properties than cheaper alternatives. we offer a plethora of design options to complement any interior design.

Although more expensive than sheet vinyl, LVT replicates real wood, natural stone, or tile at a fraction of the cost of the actual item…and with textured embossing, no one will tell the difference!

LVT is manufactured using a multi-layer system which increases its wear properties.

Tiles for bar area

The top layer above the design is a wear layer and coating which prolongs the life of the floor – depending on the thickness and type of coating, the finish can take up to ten years or even longer replace the tiles! LVT requires minimal maintenance, and mopping and sweeping when needed are key to keeping your floors looking their best. With no real grooves and imperceptible connections, there’s no need to worry about debris getting stuck in the crevices.

In fact, the layered structure and tight installation process mean the finished floor is splash and moisture-resistant.

Although not completely immune to large amounts of liquid, the tile or plank system allows them to be easily replaced on-site or removed and left to dry in the event of severe flooding.

LVT is very versatile in design and customization – branding, logos, and lettering can be incorporated into your floor design to create something truly unique. If the bar is the heart of the bar, the lounge area is its soul! Your bar or pub may have fixed seating, booths, tables, and chairs or a handful of stools – in any case, the main areas of your premises will require a carefully considered flooring solution.

Glossy tiles for floor

Usually, most customers are confused to select the proper tiles for the floor. Glossy or matt is a daunting decision! When renovating a bathroom or kitchen, many decisions need to be made to ensure that you are happy with the final look.

Many of these choices are often related to color or style, but another decision that can sometimes be overlooked is whether to use matte or glossy tiles.

While this may not seem like one of the most important decisions, they can provide vastly different finishes in your bathroom or kitchen, so it’s worth considering what works best for you and your aesthetic before making a final decision.

Drawing on our expertise and vast experience in the tile industry, we’ve put together some of the top considerations you should consider when trying to choose between matte and glossy tiles.

Glossy tiles are great for smaller rooms because their reflective properties cause light to bounce around the room, making the room appear larger than it is. This makes glossy tiles an excellent choice for:

  • cloakroom
  • smaller bathroom
  • kitchenette
  • utility room

While matt tiles won’t make a small room look smaller, they won’t make a room look bigger, and if that’s an issue for you, then glossy tiles may be your best option. Matte tiles are much less expensive to maintain than glossy tiles. This is because they show far fewer marks, stains, smudges, and watermarks than glossy tiles.

This makes them a great choice for busy spaces like family bathrooms or much-loved kitchens, as they require much less frequent cleaning and maintenance. If easy smudge marks and other grime is making you nervous, opting for matte tile may be your best solution.

Similar to the problem with small spaces, if the room you’re redecorating is dark, perhaps it doesn’t have any windows, then glossy tiles may be the best option. Thanks to the glossy and reflective surfaces, the room instantly becomes brighter and brighter even without much natural light.

Again, matte tile won’t make the room feel darker, especially if you’re using lighter tiles like white or cream, but it won’t do anything extra to give the room the light it might need.

Glossy tiles can end up being slippery, especially when wet, so if this might be a problem for you, it’s worth considering. For example, if you have very young children with shaky feet or an elderly person at home, shiny floor tiles can be problematic.

Tiles for bar area

If you are designing a damp room then it is better to choose matte tiles, otherwise, the whole room could become a slip hazard if someone uses them. Matte tiles have a better grip and are therefore an excellent choice for floor tiles. As mentioned above, they’re also less prone to dirt, so no matter how much traffic they get, they’ll stay fresh and clean.

While matt tiles show much less dirt and marks, they are harder to clean than glossy tiles. Glossy tiles are easy to wipe off, and you can remove any marks quickly and effectively.

With matte tile, you’ll need to scrub more to remove any stains that may appear. It all depends on what kind of lifestyle you and your family live, if you are always outside, get muddy and messy and easily transfer into your home, then opting for glossy tiles may be the right solution for you, as they can be easily wiped clean.

If you’re looking for a more natural, rustic look in your bathroom or kitchen, then matt tiles are the way to go. There is a wide variety of slate effect, stone effect, and wood effect tiles that will bring a natural, calming feel to your home.

Glossy tiles tend to look more modern, using neutral colors like white and cream to add elegance to any home. It comes down to personal preference when deciding whether matte or glossy tiles are better for bathrooms and kitchens.

However, due to heavy daily use in kitchens and bathrooms, and since this use can get dirty quickly, glossy tiles may be your best option as they can quickly and easily remove any traces of food from cooking or cooking Watermarks from the shower and sink.

We offer a wide range of tiles for kitchens, bathrooms, and living spaces in gloss and matt options. Browse the tiles we offer and choose free samples delivered directly to your door.

It doesn’t matter where you live, you may wish to know more about the tile industry, all of our tiles are stocked with a wide range of tiles for you to see for yourself. Making important choices, such as choosing the right tile for your space, can be difficult, and our helpful staffs are ready to answer any questions you may have and provide you with expert advice.

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