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The kitchen and bathroom are the most humid spaces in the house. This led to the selection of ceramic tiles for the floors or walls of these places to be a critical decision. Ceramic tiles are available in multiple sizes and models. Also, they are made in various shapes such as square, rectangle, hex angle, etc. Ceramic tiles are generally durable and high resistance to moisture, brazing, cold and freezing. There is also plenty of heat in places like the kitchen because of the stove. Ceramic tiles can withstand this heat and are fireproof. Some materials are file-proof but after a while, they begin to deform due to constant heat, but ceramic tiles can withstand large amounts of heat without changing color or changing color.

Some materials are affected by sunlight and change their color. In the first place, you may think that indoor locations are unimportant, but even indoor spaces can be affected by sunlight or artificial lights.

Another major power of ceramic tiles is becoming hygienic. In places like bathroom, hygiene is required. Due to the resistance of ceramic tiles to water and pollution. It can be said that ceramic tiles are the most suitable material for use in bathrooms.

floor ceramic tiles
Ceramic tiles are widely used in the construction industry. Ceramic tiles can be used in indoor or outdoor places such as floor, room walls, yard floor, stairs, gates, pools and so on. Ceramic tiles have many kinds, but in the first place, we can split them into two general categories, Chinese ceramic tiles and non-porcelain ceramic tiles. Both are very common in construction, but they have to be chosen based on their properties.

Each is suitable for a particular situation or situation. We cannot say which is better or which is better than the other. Non-porcelain ceramic tiles are made of clay and white or red minerals, and Chinese ceramic tiles are made of the same materials and materials but have different ratios. This type of ceramic tile is made of clay, white sand and tuft. Taftfield is a kind of crystal material that can be found on buff stones. In fact, any difference in the ratio of these materials can make a huge difference in the final products and their properties.

ceramic tiles for kitchen floor

Several materials are commonly used to complete the floor layer. Ceramic tiles, natural stones, parquet and other materials are used for kitchen flooring. To make the best choice you need to be aware of their differences and uses. The advantages and disadvantages of ceramic tiles make them suitable for flooring in all places and rooms. But a place like the kitchen, according to its situation, needs special tiles. The kitchen is more wet, so the tiles should be water-resistant and slippery. In other words, they should be waterproof and non-slip.

ceramic tiles for kitchen floor

Ceramic tiles are the most common material used for kitchen floors and even walls. The main reason for their popularity is their resistance to water, spot and slide. Also, these ceramic tiles are really durable, which makes the porcelain ceramic tile more durable than non-porcelain ceramic tiles. The kitchen is often dirty and makes it filthy. Ceramic tiles can be easily cleaned by washing.

A number of wooden floors prefer parquet and laminate because of their dark color. Dark colors cover the dust. But in fact, because of the texture of the wood, this dust penetrates into it and makes it invisible. The ceramic tile has no openings that make it easy to clean.

ceramic tiles bathroom floor

The bathroom is usually the smallest and most humid place in the house. Certainly in order to enhance the quality of ceramic tiles with floor design, visual and structural issues should be considered. To have a bright, happy and pleasant space you need to decorate it with standard ceramic tiles. Size, design, and color are factors that should be considered during the selection process in small spaces. They are very effective in visual beauty and final harmony. Using large tiles in a small place like a bathroom makes space look even smaller. To make sure the large ceramic tiles help you have a pleasant atmosphere. Also, the use of ceramic tiles with mapped patterns in small spaces yielded the same results with large tiles.

ceramic tiles bathroom floor

The best tile size for bathroom floors is 60×30 and 90×30. You can use the same size or mix them together and design the ground. Depends on all the decorations in your house. For example, you can use the tile to create a template using 60×30 and 90×30 tile. Generally, when you’re selecting tiles you have to balance performance and beauty.

is ceramic tiles good for flooring

Choosing the best ceramic tiles for good quality flooring is a hard decision for unskilled individuals. Consumers have different needs and circumstances. We can’t fix a certain type of ceramic tiles for all conditions first, but we’ll give you some tips that will help.

Nowadays, ceramic tiles are found in different properties and models. Ceramic tiles are selected regularly during the design process. The exact location that is about to sink should be cleared. Amount of light, moisture, temperature, colors used in space, etc are effective factors in the process selection.

is ceramic tiles good for flooring

A great option for the flooring is washable. In congested spaces, such as homes where a number of people live, there is a high probability of mass and dust. In this case, it is revealed that having a washing ability is self. The spots can be easily removed or washed with water.

Ceramic tiles have a different color spectrum. This is the strength of ceramic tiles. Other materials obtained by natural wood or stone have an invariant color spectrum that limits your choice. According to the color spectrum of ceramic tiles, you can have dark or bright ceramic tiles for any space. Bright colors help you make the space clear and pleasant. The choice of color depends on your personal taste, but to ensure the consumer gives a wide range of ceramic tiles.

ceramic tiles garage floor

Ceramic tiles used to tile the garage floor should have high resistance to freezing, broking, bending etc. As you know, people use a garage to park their cars. Some people also use the garage as their warehouse. In both cases, the floor should bear a lot of weight, and ceramic tiles should be able to withstand weight, broking, etc.

In the past, most people used the stone for the garage floor because of its resistance to high pressure and durability. But nowadays, due to the expansion of the construction industry, builders are producing a new version of high durable ceramic tiles, which makes them suitable for tiling.

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