Distinguishing Characteristics of Ceramic Tiles

The properties of ceramic tiles that can be distinct from each other are the resistance of each tile and its resistance to mechanical, thermal and chemical stresses in the environment. As the amount of stress that tiles can endure in a workshop or factory environment is very different from the amount of home entrance. Bathroom tiles are also in direct contact with detergents. Kitchen tiles are exposed to heat, humidity and oil, and complex entrance tiles are exposed to constant wear and tear. Therefore, suitable tiles for each must be of special quality.

The bathroom tile should be very resistant to chemicals, especially acid and base. If you decide to use ceramic tiles for the floor, look for the desired type. Water absorption of the floor tile should be less than 7% and its friction coefficient should be higher than 60 degrees and should be resistant to slip. Here, we suggest that you take the different kinds of floor tiles which have two main advantages: First, it is easy to wash and maintain their hygiene in the bathroom. On the other hand, these types of ceramic flooring tiles have a longer shelf life in humid environments and can retain their color, shape, and composition for years. These ceramic tiles ensure the beauty of your bathroom. Be sure to use the Rusta ceramic tile. Because this type of ceramic tile provides more security in the bathroom and their grooves prevent you from slipping there.

Choosing the best kind of tile is very important for the kitchen. Because you have to look for a tile that in addition to heat, moisture and oil resistance, must have a beautiful color and unique design that will suit your taste and your home style, as well as the amount of money you can pay for your home. So to select tiles, in addition to sizes and sizes, make sure to consider the design and color of the tiles. It’s better that these parts fit with your other kitchen accessories, otherwise it will create a very busy and cluttered environment in your kitchen if the tiles aren’t in the kitchen and other parts. What is used for ceramic tile kitchen floor nowadays is known as porcelain.

Porcelain is a type of ceramic product that originates from kaolinite mineral. One of the properties of porcelain tile is its water absorption power, which is less water absorption than other ceramic tiles. The bastile and dense porcelain tiling forms the most resistance between the floor tiles and the wall. Porcelain ceramic tiles are also highly resistant to frost, thermal shock and chemical. In the past, Chinese tiles were used exclusively in industrial locations, but today these ceramic tiles are used everywhere.

Appropriate Characteristics of Ceramic Tiles

The features are suitable for ceramic grade tiles. The first grade is the best quality, the second grade is similar to the first grade, but the price is slightly cheaper. The first and second grades are suitable for the floor. The third-grade tile isn’t strong enough to walk and is mostly used on the wall. Floor tiles can be used on the wall, but wall tiles can not be used as floor of ceramic tiles. Notice that the tiles you put on the floor are at least second class. The second category is called the PEI classification. PEI evaluates the ability of a glazed tile to resist its abrasion and durability as a floor tile. Only glossy tiles have an AA grade, and if you want to buy glazed-free tiles, you won’t find such a rating on the label.

Appropriate Characteristics of Ceramic Tiles

Another important classification that you should pay attention when buying tiles is the amount of water absorption or so-called WA ceramic tiles. The type of tile determines whether the tile is suitable for use in moist areas or outdoor areas. The third important rating of the coefficient of friction and its abbreviation is C.O.F, which refers to the natural resistance of tile to slip. The higher the amount, the less friction the floor is covered with this tile and if the quantity is small, the floor will slip.

There’s another category that tells us whether ceramic tiles can resist the cold outside. If you want to use the desired ceramic tile in the internal environment, this rating is not impressive. The final classification is multicolor. Multi-colored tiles are only used when we want tiles to overlay and have a variety of colors and look like natural stones. If you’re looking for tiles with strong and solid colors, this kind of tiles won’t fit for your work. This category is suitable for those who like each tile to have a unique color

Appropriate Characteristics of Ceramic Tiles

Chemical Properties of Ceramic Tiles

The next step is to test ceramic tiles for its chemical properties. Corrosion resistance or contamination resistance is required for tiles. These properties include resistance to pollution, chemicals, acid and base. For example, ceramic tiles used in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet should be resistant to detergent so that the surface quality of these ceramic tiles is not affected by the exposure of the detergents. This is especially true for tiles used in industrial areas and hospitals. Porcelain ceramic tiles with polished surface except HF have high resistance to chemicals. Since ceramic tiles are generally neutral and insoluble and are in contact with water and major chemicals other than hydraulic acid that can solve them, they have no special effect and therefore it can be easy to clean.

Today, factories are producing ceramic tiles called Anti-Acid Tiles. This type of ceramic tiles is very resistant to contact with acidic chemicals. In fact, an industrial plant may use acidic materials several times, and if the wall or floor of this factory is not made of anti-acid ceramic tiles, it may simply fail and become corrupted.

Most of the use of antiacid ceramic tiles is located in such places as industrial factories, dairy and food factories, ponds containing acid materials, and so on. Another feature of anti-acid ceramic is that it can be easily washed. In addition, it should be noted that the ceramic surface is not anti-lized acid and therefore provides its safety when significant, and of course the anti-acid ceramics are often used for environments where heavy vehicles are moving. Because they can withstand a lot of pressure.

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