Different Types of Tiles

In this article, we will recognize all kinds of tiles and they will be shown with pictures. One of the most important parts of the building that should be noted is the tiles used. Individuals usually choose the tile according to its pattern, color, size, and size. As these are, one of the important parts in selecting a suitable tile is to consider its structure, and it’s better to have information about the tiles. And you also know how many different kinds of tiles there are. However, it is essential to pay attention to the properties of the tiles in order to use the type of tiles required.

Main Types of Tiles

There are six main types of tiles that we will learn about. The six types are:

  • porcelain tile
  • ceramic tile
  • glass tile
  • Marble tile
  • granite tile
  • Other Natural Stone Tiles

Main Types of Tiles

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tiles have the same clay mixture as porcelain, but they are cooked to a higher degree. Porcelain tile is made of dancing flower, so its porosity is less than that of ceramic tile. This water is incredibly durable and impenetrable. So porcelain tiles are suitable for high traffic areas, corridors, kitchens, bathrooms and places with high humidity. And also, some of them are used for outdoor areas like pools, which should be asked when you shop. Porcelain also has a body color. When you choose Chinese tile with body color, the body color and surface are the same. This type of tile is hard and can be used for many decades. With these explanations, porcelain tiles are expensive.

Porcelain Tile

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is an alternative to porcelain. It is more economical than porcelain. Ceramic tile is also baked as porcelain tile, two thousand degrees Fahrenheit, but its heat is lower than porcelain tile. Since the clay is not dense, it is porous. And the waterproof isn’t like porcelain tiles. It regulates the glass process. Although cracks and penetration occur mainly for ceramic tiles, they are cheaper than porcelain tiles. Ceramic tile should be used in freezing conditions because it does not work in freezing conditions.

Ceramic Tile

Glass Tile

One of the newest titles that is very decorative today is “Glass Tile”. Glass tile has no water absorption and is impervious to water. Its absorption is zero. In addition, the ceramic has absorbed 0.5-3%. The use of this type of tile is growing all over the world and is used for a part of wall decoration. Glass tiles are available in many colors and offer a special facade to the kitchen and house. They are popular because of their beauty and brilliance.

Glass Tile

The typical tiles that people use have a thick clay surface with fine glaze, which is about a tenth of a millimeter. But in glass tiles, there is a glass with a thickness of 6 to 8 mm. The name “Crystal Tile” is known for its clarity and deep glaze. So when we need to have a special or brilliant façade, we choose the glass tiles. The glass tile is also called the “border tile”. The tile should be cleaned for good so that its appeal does not disappear. Otherwise everything would fade away.

Marble Tile

Marble tile is one of the most popular tiles because it has wide and diverse uses. Marble tiles are used for interior purposes. The color of this tile is important in many ways. “The reason for having different colors of marble stone is because of different elements. There are many colors of “marble”. Some popular colors include:

  • White marble
  • Cream marble
  • Nescafe Marble
  • brown marble
  • pink marble
  • Red marble
  • Gray marble
  • Black marble

Marble stones are more commonly known as mines. For example:

  • One of the countries which has “Arabian Marble” is “Italy”.
  • Another famous marble is the “Emperdor Black Marble”.
  • Also, “Emperdor Style Marble” exists in “Turkey”.
  • Some of the marble stones of “India” such as “rainforest marble”, “ice marble” and “Indian marble”.

Granite Tile

Granite tiles are one of the ceramics made from the “natural granite stone”. This natural stone has many features and even has many uses. The granite stone is very durable and is hard to crack or break. Therefore, it can be installed everywhere without risk of harm. Granite tiles do not respond to sudden changes in weather, moisture, or chemicals. And so it’s a long time. So, it can hold the original polish and shine for a long time. Granite tiles are “glossy” and have excellent “reflective”. “They are almost in dark and brown colors and are suitable for quiet places. Shiny ceramic tiles are most likely to be placed on the ground. So be aware when you walk on “bright granite tiles”.

Another Natural Stone Tile

Natural stone tiles are types of tiles, and clearly, as the name is known, are normal. They are used for internal and external purposes and create a special beauty for the building. Depending on where the mine is located, there may be different colors, structures and problems. Here are a few examples of natural stones:

  • Diorite stone
  • travertine stone
  • slate
  • sandstone
  • Limestone

At the end, if you need tiles for the construction project, keep your eyes open to choose the most appropriate tiles.

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