Different Patterned Granite Bathroom Tiles Bulk Price

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are produced in great variety; their coating is highly durable and therefore, they are an excellent choice for bathroom or kitchen. Granite bathroom tiles are in a trend right now. Their superior anti corrosion coating, with different striking colorful patterns, delivers the best performance expected from a ceramic tile. Granite bathroom tiles bulk price can vary greatly based on quality. We offer reasonable prices with high quality.

Different Patterned Granite Bathroom Tiles Bulk Price

Is It Possible to Lay Granite Tile without Grout?

Is It Possible to Lay Granite Tile without Grout? Polished granite tile is highly trended and is in the center of attention, natural patterns and the shiny look can satisfy even fastidious persons. This is what you are going to love; granite tiles are mostly used for remodeling bathrooms. Its black patterns can almost go with any color, white bathtub or black, granite has it all. Its polished surface can reflect any color emitted on, and make your bathroom or kitchen more pleasing.

It is highly recommended to lay granite with grout spacing. Grout helps to protect the tiles against movements – in case of floor or house shifting. If you lay tiles without grout spacing, it also helps to lay tiles straighter, and a straight tile makes your floor more beautiful and convenient. While it makes maintenance easier for wet areas. Employing grouts will also add an extra layer of protection for granite tiles while generally it makes your floors and walls more hygiene. Ceramic granite tile protection can be a simple task if the installation phase is carried out properly. The same fact is applicable for porcelain granites too. Porcelain and ceramic tiles can handle hot and cold water properly. They can be cleaned and maintained with a variety of detergents, even corrosive detergents. While hot water and mild soap, is considered the most suitable choice for cleaning bathroom and kitchen surfaces. If you are using corrosive detergents for your tiles, then the grouting lines should be refilled and maintained regularly. This ensures that ceramic tiles will last for decades. Generally, ceramic and porcelain tiles are more resistant against corrosion compared to natural stones such as marble. Marble stones can perish easily by acidic detergents!

Some Hacks to Prevent Grime and Water Seeping into Tiles

Some Hacks to Prevent Grime and Water Seeping into Tiles Although it is known that ceramic and porcelain tiles are highly resistant to water and grime, without correct maintenance they can become discolored or moldy, and therefore seriously affect your family’s health. Actually, in most cases the defected grout is always to blame! Grouts are responsible for holding tiles firmly to the wall. In addition, they provide waterproofing. Wet areas can damage the dry walls behind them. Grout can get dirty very quickly; therefore, it is important to clean them regularly.

Wet granite tiles should be dried with a sponge – to avoid grime accumulation. Bathroom exhaust fans should remain on after leaving the room. Steam cleaner is also an effective alternative to detergents, this way grout and tile is cleaned and maintained without harsh detergents. Wet areas such as the bathroom should be disinfected regularly. Steam cleaner is an ideal choice, also hydrogen peroxide is quite effective.

Grout is made of cement and sand, it can be dissolved by corrosive detergents. Therefore, it is recommended to use non – corrosive materials for cleaning granite tiles. In addition, grouts can be restored regularly with cement and sand, to avoid water and grime penetrations.

Architectural Hacks for Picking the Best Bathroom Tile

Architectural Hacks for Picking the Best Bathroom Tile Architects consider many factors and aspects to pick the best bathroom tile. For example, slip resistance grade, thickness, being water resistant, pattern, color etc. Both ceramic and porcelain granite tiles are great for wet environments, but there are special variants that are specifically designed for bathrooms. Granite tile price is not the only factor to be considered by architects. We offer high quality granite tiles with reasonable prices along with the highest quality. For more information, please contact us via phone or fill out our

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