Ceramic Tiles That Looks Like Wood

Among the types and shapes of ceramic tiles, some of them have wood appearance. With no wooden quality, it just looks like him. However, because of its long-standing popularity, wood, followed matter, which is a killer of nature, has become a requirement in many internal and external areas.

Who never wanted to install a flooring parquet, but how quickly was it abandoned? However, wood tiles, commonly known as ceramic wood or parquet tile, are an efficient alternative that combines the pleasing appearance of wood with a simple look.

Due to its many technical characteristics, wood effect tiles can be installed at any point, both inside and outside, without risking damage. We used cutting-edge technology to make these wooden tiles, which continuously mimic the visual quality and the unique properties that define wood.

As a result, there is no discernible difference between real wood and parquet tile at the surface because the latter imitates exactly all wood properties, including species, grains and knots.

To respect the changes and disadvantages of real wood and give you full control over the appearance of your wood style tiles, some ceramic parquet tile sets have more than 60 different boards. You think you’re walking on the actual parquet because you’re loyal and realistic to the wood art show.

It offers rare types of natural wood, sometimes not used as floor or wall covering, and carefully examined to complement its visual efficiency on ceramic tiles. This greatly expands the aesthetics options of the parquet effect tiles when making decisions.

Ceramic wood tiles honestly produce texture and real wood characteristics, including warm colors and grain patterns. Different types of wood, from the most traditional, such as natural or antique parquet, to the most modern, including gray wood, are reproduced with excellent detail and precision by wooden effect tiles.

For example, it was decided to portray the European oak tree or walnut tree in very realistic form, and it is one of the most valuable wood in the world. There are more typologies with distinctive aesthetic features, such as charred wood, which have a very dark black color, and with time to display more antiques. Due to the unregulated repetition of parquet tiles, they all exhibit well the complexity in its purest form and create a unique aesthetic universe.

All decoration styles can be combined seamlessly with wood effect tiles. This adds a sense of nature to your area and may even be the center of your decorative design, be it Scandinavian, minimalist, modern, or more traditional.

Ceramic Parquet Tiles can soften the mood, but they can also offer your space with very many characters and make it feel warm and welcome according to the artwork you choose. All kinds of materials, including metal and stone, can be used with wood.

This method can make unexpected connections that give your room a stylish modern appearance by using wooden-work ceramic tiles, which can be used on the walls and floor.

Variety of color parquet tile also allows to create enjoyable color combinations, and color the wooden effect tiles that you choose to determine the interior design of your room. Modern technology also allows the production of wooden tiles in more distinctive colors, such as gray, which is often more difficult to be found in real wood.

As a result, the gray wood effect tiles will turn on and refresh your room, which is characterized by a relaxed and comfortable feeling. Dark colors or antiques are recommended to appear more realistic and more specific. These look-like wood tiles make your area even one by one, and they’re really seeing the passage of time.

Choose the black and dark wood appearance tiles to draw attention to the rest of the room and make a comparison with your wall color and other decor items if you like a more elegant and stylish appearance.

Finally, but not least, lighter or warmer colors like taupe or honey add softness and heat to your space, and beige wood tiles are ideal for a Scandinavian and minimalist style where wood is an essential element. Any combination in this way is possible!

Most wood effect tiles in large formats with adjustable widths and length for the best completion of any interior or exterior area. Thanks to the use of modern technology, the rectangular ceramic parquet tile is now available that corresponds to the common dimensions of the parquet bar.

These various sizes – 20×120 cm, 30×120 cm, or 90×90 cm – are suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations. This wood-shaped tile ratio makes your room longer and adds a natural, friendly feeling to the area.

The 60×60 square centimeter ceramic tile has a unique wood effect because it is often not found in wood. For a specific and unexpected result, this mold of parquet tile can be used outside the home, for example, and placed in Japanese steps, especially on its grass.

Wood is known for its distinctive and unique beauty, as well as its constant and difficult maintenance. The choice of the parquet effect tile also requires the selection of many ceramic advantages.

First of all, ceramic wood tiles are very resistant to wearing because of their technical characteristics against wood, which is often a soft material and thus easily worsened due to heavy traffic. Moreover, unlike the real wood, the wood appearance tiles do not require the same kind of maintenance, so for example, no need to use wax or protective lacquer.

Natural parquet should be well cleaned and there may be some spots that are especially hard to go out. On the other side, the effect tile of the parquet is very simple to clean.

Due to its chemical structure and low porosity, it can be fully cleaned with warm and transparent water. The spots are removed easily as they remain on the surface. Due to the lack of encouragement of bacteria growth, wooden tiles are also significantly more hygienic.

Outdoor tile can change the appearance of natural wood on your terrace, for example, if it will change color with UV radiation, frosting, cold weather and other factors. However, even when installed outdoors, wooden tiles do not change. As a result, the original color and appearance are preserved over time.

In other words, if parquet tiles are carefully kept and cleaned, whether they are installed in your home, in a high-humidity room, or outside, they will maintain their aesthetic appeal for years to come!

As a pioneer in supplying and exporting ceramic tiles, we will enjoy working with traders and importers of each country.

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