Black Wall Tiles 150mm x 150mm Advantages and Types

We will explain the types of black wall tile, the types of black tiles size 150mm x 150mm, as well as the advantages and types of tiles.

This hue should be used to update the interior of your house or place of business if you’re seeking for the luxury of your own area. Ceramic tiles in the color black are among the most widely used.

The most attractive of these items should be placed on the floor of your hallway, room, or even office. We shall outline the many types of black ceramic tile in this text. We’ll discuss dark-colored items first, and then we’ll look at each one’s buying recommendation.

Brown Texram Kernelin ceramic

One of the most popular goods from the business is the Kernelin brown ceramic pattern in various sizes, such as 30×30 or other sizes.

Suitable applications for Cornell Matte Brown Ceramic include:

Service floor

Kitchen floor

Hallway floor

The pottery in question is made of porcelain, and the glaze is matte. This product is brown in color, and it has a racket cut. One of the qualities of this product is its extremely excellent quality.

You don’t need to be concerned about the measurements because these tiles and ceramics are produced at a plant that adheres to international standards.

Ensure that the raw materials used to create the porcelain or ceramic tiles are of the highest quality (white clay).

With its skilled and knowledgeable personnel, cutting-edge equipment, and trustworthy manufacturing processes, this business is among the top producers of ceramic tiles in our nation.

In addition to being of excellent quality, this product is inexpensive when compared to similar domestic and international brands.

Ifasram Adonis dark ceramics

One of the newest and most well-liked Polish items in the Iranian market is the Adonis black and white ceramic stone pattern with lovely white veining. even for the building’s exterior or the restroom.

Lucas Ifasram Ceramic

One of the newest and most well-liked goods on the Iranian market is pottery with appealing stone pattern and black hue with white stripes.

Use it for the outside of buildings as well as the kitchen floor, bathroom floor and wall, small and big room wall, and commercial floor and wall.

Matte Nero black ceramics

Matte Nero, which has measurements of 30×30 and is priced per square meter, is one of the most popular items. The kitchen, utility area, and living room may all benefit from Matte Nero flooring.

With its skilled workforce, knowledgeable professionals, and cutting-edge equipment, this organization is among Iran’s most dependable manufacturers.

In addition to its unique style and high-quality components, this product is inexpensive in comparison to other domestic and international brands.

Its court is made of racket, and its color is black. This item is made of polished porcelain, and the glaze is a matte variety.

The extremely excellent quality of this product is one of its unique attributes.

This factory’s products have dimensions and are produced in accordance with international standards, which is one of its distinguishing features.

Texram Calcutta black ceramic

One of the fresh and unique types that complements the hall’s walls and flooring nicely is Calcutta black polished. This product may be used on both the inside and outside of building facades.

Calcutta black is extremely well-liked and commercially successful, which is stunning and astounding. Its court is made of racket, and its color is black.

The thickness and dense veining of Kolkata stones further set them apart from other marbles. Calcutta lines are less dense than Carrara stone, but they are also bolder and rougher.

Characteristics of black ceramic:

Anti-scratch and wear


Fix the strapless cut

Stain resistant

Good tone

Crack resistant finish

Frost resistant

Color stability

Resistant to temperature shocks

Stone Steel – 150*150 Ceramic Tile – Palermo Plus

You are looking at a ceramic plate 150*150 by Pier Steel.


The ceramic Palermo Plus plate has a 9 mm thickness.

Ceramics in large sizes, slabs

Consumers of ceramic and tile nowadays like Pierre Steel’s renowned large-sized ceramic tiles. A huge ceramic tile that is 150×150 might have exceptional beauty.

characteristics of ceramic tiles from Palermo

Ceramic tiles from Palermo are made with a 9 mm thickness and 150 × 150 mm size.

Due to their excellent capabilities, these matte, porcelain ceramics may be used for both interior and external facades.

Palermo Plus ceramic tile installation and retail sales

You are being given the option of large ceramic tiles that are 150×150, or 2.25 meters.

Using specialized ceramic adhesive and maintaining a 3mm spacing with welding powder of the same color when installing ceramic tiles requires trained artisans.

Matt-colored Perslani ceramic plates



Ceramic plate 150×150, enameled porcelain, matte, 9 mm thick, colors: ZINC, IRON, CORTEN

Less-prominent plates make a bigger visual impression on the spectator. This delicacy has been achieved using a variety of technologies.

The plates, which are used for both internal and exterior linings, range in diameter from 3.5 to 9 mm.

Note that only ceramics with dimensions more than 800 x 1600 mm are referred to as slabs.

This form of ceramic has a smaller diameter than you might expect, making it easier to transport and move than you might think. Of course, this helps you save money as well.

These ceramics, which range in diameter from 3.5 to 9 mm, are among the greatest and most attractive choices for facades, particularly for semi-glazed facades.

The slabs are less expensive than typical porcelain ceramics because they use less raw material, and when hybrid kilns are used to fire them, they consume less energy overall.

You will undoubtedly find fresh inspiration in the slabs for the outer environs and facade, which will also shorten the project’s completion time.

Because of its vast size, this particular form of pottery has less vertical and horizontal lines on its surface or façade, which increases its visual appeal and facilitates its use.

It is utilized in the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. In addition, the streamlined installation process speeds up the reform process.

It should be noted that this particular ceramic’s tiny diameter in no way affects its physical strength, and the plates have retained the technical characteristics of porcelain, such as wear resistance, moisture absorption, UV resistance, and corrosion resistance.

variations in temperature.

Considering all of these qualities, it is important to note that the maintenance costs of the tiles are far cheaper than those of other kinds of ceramics.

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