Best kitchen floor tiles design Kerala with proper colors

Tiles for kitchen floors in Kerala houses have variety of hues and design ideas. The kitchen floor tiles need to be well designed with proper colors. As a result, we all strive to have the best-looking kitchens. There are several tile options available that are attractive and durable for kitchen flooring.

The greatest floor tiles for a kitchen are those made of natural stone tiles, vinyl tiles, ceramic, and marble tiles.

Tiles made of ceramic: The most common kind of flooring tile for homes is ceramic. Ceramic is stain-proof in addition to being water resistant since it is non-porous to cleaning solutions.

Choose glazed ceramic over its unglazed competitors for a product that will last longer and look better. Contrary to conventional flooring materials, ceramic is less expensive and simpler to maintain than similar-quality alternatives for Kerala or Indian houses. Ceramic floor tiles, which range from Rs. 30 to Rs. 250 per square foot, are among the cheaper options.

Tiles made of natural stone: Natural stone is the most valuable form of floor tile in terms of resale value. Stone has fewer design choices than other materials, but it also has an unmatched level of durability and an elegant, natural appearance.

Stone tiles should to apply a coating every two to four years to maintain their stain- and water-resistant properties for kitchen application. The most expensive flooring material is natural stone tiles, which cost between Rs300 and Rs1300 per square foot. Stone tiles for kitchens are most often made of slate, granite, and limestone.

Terracotta tiles: Terracotta has been used as flooring from the beginning of time, and it is among the most attractive floor tiles for living rooms. Contrary to its rivals, terracotta gives the most variety with mosaic and contemporary patterns. Terracotta tiles are naturally free of allergens, making them a great option for living rooms and homes with pets.

Terracotta installation costs may vary from Rs. 40 to Rs. 500 per square foot, depending on the brand and design elements.

Vinyl flooring tiles: Vinyl tiles has been described as the least expensive flooring material, although it is more useful than many of its more expensive competitors. In addition to being low maintenance, vinyl tiles are also soft underfoot and come in a variety of hues and patterns.

Vinyl tiles typically range in price from Rs34 to Rs68 per square foot, making it possible to construct a regular kitchen floor. The drawback of vinyl tiles is that they cannot biodegrade, making them dangerous to the environment when disposed of.

Marble tiles for the kitchen: You cannot afford to ignore elegance and flair when designing a floor.

By using marble tiles, you may create a beautiful floor design, raise the apartment’s resale value, and make a sizable profit. However, marble floors need a lot of upkeep since they are easily scratched and need to have sealant applied often to keep them waterproof.

Despite the fact that tiles might be more difficult to install than other flooring materials, they have more advantages. In addition to the enormous variety of design options, tiles exhibit unmatched durability and are less prone to cause allergic responses.

How to choose the ideal tile color for kitchen: Because of color plays an unavoidable role in Kerala and Indian house it might be overwhelming to choose the correct color floor tiles for your house. Even architects and interior designers spend a lot of time and effort studying what fits with what when it comes to floor tiles since there is an infinite variety of colors, tints, and designs available.

Therefore, you shouldn’t feel inadequate if you have trouble deciding on a color for your floor tiles.

When selecting a floor tile color, there are several things to take into account. To help you know what to look for when buying floor tiles in Perth, we’ll look at these elements today.

Examine the dimensions of your kitchens: The size of the area or kitchens you want to tile is one of the most crucial elements to take into account when deciding on kitchen floor tile color.

The mood you convey in your area will be significantly influenced by the color of your floor tiles. Consider using a warm or dark colored floor tile when tiling big, broad kitchens. Colors like walnut, charcoal, or other dark, warm tones can give your area a cozy sense while shrinking the size of your rooms. Conversely, if you’re mostly working with smaller spaces, you may want to use a light or natural-colored floor tile.

White, beige, and light wood are timeless colors that will give your home some breathing room. You may make your rooms seem bigger than they are by using lighter colors. Think about coordinating colors: While many individuals choose one kitchen tile for their flooring as a whole, you may also think about color matching.

You may hide filth on your flooring by selecting a color scheme that is somewhat in contrast. Greys, whites, and browns may be used to produce an eye-catching aesthetic in places with high foot activity. Consider the outcome you want to accomplish when choosing a floor tile color to go with your walls’ and current decor’s colors.

Choose a tile color that contrasts with your current décor if you want to create a colorful and energetic atmosphere. Additionally, pick floor tiles that are close to the color of your walls if you want to maintain peace and tranquility.

Think about the application: There are numerous diverse uses for kitchen floor tiles. Even while this has no effect on color selections, there are a few things to keep in mind at all times.

Since kitchens are the center of every house, calm tones are advised for kitchen floor tiles. Beige, cream, white, and light gray and blue hues are excellent selections.

You should think about giving restrooms a light, open vibe. Choose light-colored, neutral-colored floor tiles for this. To make your bathroom look bigger, it is a good idea to utilize wall tiles of the same color.

Depending on your selected theme, you may choose any color floor tiles for kitchens and bedrooms.

But for such spaces, timber-look tiles are fantastic. Timber-look tiles may add a touch of refinement to your house since they come in a variety of light to dark color shades. Finally, it is preferable to keep with neutral-colored floor tiles that blend in with the surroundings for patios, corridors, and outdoor spaces. Because these spaces are intended for entertaining, it’s crucial to choose a color scheme that is unified and harmonious.

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