Awsome Granite Tiles Best Price Available at Market

Excellent granite ceramics are an example of the most widely used ceramics and have great beauty in such a way that the beauty of these ceramics is like decorative stones and with their high color spectrum, they are used more. Granite tiles also have a lot of resistance and therefore the demand for them is very high. Therefore, the sale of granite tiles has been welcomed by customers, which is done in different ways.

Awsome Granite Tiles Best Price Available at Market

Are We Allowed to Glue Stone to Drywall?

Are We Allowed to Glue Stone to Drywall? Luxury granite tile is one of the examples of beautiful ceramics that are widely used today because due to its unique features and properties, it has been highly regarded by customers and has a great reputation.

To glue all kinds of granite tiles to the walls and floors, suitable and standard substructures are needed, and we, as the installer of this type of product, are never allowed to install them on dry walls or dry surfaces.

It is interesting to know that various ideas are currently used for the foundation of various types of granite tiles, among which concrete and cement mortars are an ideal option and can be used in gluing these products.

The substructure of various types of granite tiles can be seen in different samples, based on which the durability and durability of this type of product is determined. In a way that if the substructure of this type of tile is done in a standard and quality way, the durability and durability of the installed tiles will certainly be very high.

Which Cement Is More Effective for Tile Fixing?

Which Cement Is More Effective for Tile Fixing?

Due to the fact that granite tile designs have a very long lifespan, they are widely used in places where there is a lot of traffic. Therefore, they are widely used in the floors of exhibitions, houses, shops, entrances and exits.

Cheap granite tiles are also highly resistant to abrasion, any scratches and scratches, so as a material used in airports, commercial centers, It has hotels, restaurants, offices, various complexes and.

As you know, a variety of ideas are used to stabilize ceramic tiles on different surfaces, among which the use of cement mortar and tile adhesive is an ideal option and can increase the durability and life of tiles and Ceramics are educated. Cement is one of the main materials of concrete. Which acts as an adhesive and holds the concrete together when mixing water, sand and gravel, which is difficult to bond with sand and stone.

In Latin, it means “mortar”, it is actually a chemical compound with precise control of calcium, silicon, aluminum, iron and small amounts of other materials. Lime and silica make up about 85% of the mass. Cement hardens both in the air and underwater and remains after reaching its hard state. Also, the cement used may vary depending on the purpose (structure), construction method and construction conditions.

Hidden Facts about Granit’s Role in Causing Diseases

Hidden Facts about Granit's Role in Causing Diseases Granite flooring is in the category of natural tiles and due to its durability and flexibility, the demand for this natural tile has increased. Natural granite is one of the hardest materials on earth and the strength of granite is second only to diamond.

The density and durability of granite makes this stone very resistant to damage and abrasion because it contains quartz, mica and feldspar. These materials are spread throughout the stone, they have a bright appearance and crystalline appearance under natural and artificial light.

This stone is non-porous, so granite is a natural protector against fungus and mold. It is also easy to clean because the stone does not absorb or react with the chemicals used to clean its surface or is at risk of corrosion.

The fact that a granite stone does not require preservatives is an added advantage. In addition, granite edges can be carefully cut with many decorative shapes that give each space its own elegance.


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